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for sporting events. Our company is managed by professionals with 20 years of
experience in technology in the most diverse sectors of the market…

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Accreditation &


& Checkin


This module of our platform, allows to accredit the members of the workforce team, defining the privileges of access that each one will have in the event, according to the positions previously assigned.

He is also responsible for controlling the work shifts assigned to each member of the workforce. When the staff goes to the place of work, they do their own check-in and check-out through the mobile workforce app using the geo-location function.

Once the check-in is registered by the staff, the system will send to them through the app, the QR CODE for the meal, corresponding to the shift of the recorded check-in, which must to be shown by the staff, on the food & beverage area.

On this way, the system allows the organization the correct planning of meals, based on the designated work shifts for each member of staff and control everything that has been delivered.

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